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CSF, LLC offers two highly developed and tightly controlled processes: Proprietary aerospace grade direct contact cryogenic processing (patent pending) and REM™ ISF™ isotropic super finishing, an advanced form of micro polishing. These two technologies, when applied to any given machine assembly, will yield a powerful increase in the heat transfer coefficient of all metal alloys, reduce parasitic drag, decrease wear rate, increase durability, add uniform compressive stress, and vastly improve the harmonic resonance of every component treated. It is important for the customer to know that CSF, LLC maintains long standing relationships with several well known professional and OEM race team organizations, who routinely win in IRL, NASCAR, Le Mans, AMA Super-Bike, Moto-Cross, and AMA Land Speed. If that weren't enough, we have vast experience, and design intent knowledge with engines of Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Subaru STI, Mitsubishi EVO, as well as Power Stroke and Cummings diesel engines. We have also had great success cryogenic-ally processing Aero engines, Lycoming, and Pratt & Whitney (IO-360 and R-2800) respectively.

When you hire CSF,LLC to perform their "Direct Contact" Cryogenic Processing services, there is never any moisture condensation, or ice build-up on your expensive racing engine, or cryo gun barrels, ever! The existence of ice on cryogenic parts, or white clouds pouring out of the processor is a sure way to confirm a particular company's ignorance, and disregard to the true science necessary to develop a world class cryogenic engine treatment process. A picture is worth a thousand words. Visit other cryo websites and this is what you will find; Ice build-up on everything! As well as white clouds pouring out of the processor. The existence of ice on cryogenic parts indicates that those particular company's processes are not suitable for a "lawn mower". Why? 1) Someone indiscriminately removed cryogenic component, or other components from a processor to warm-up in an uncontrolled way. This procedure will not only ''shock'' every component inside but worse, damage the micro-structure of the metal, not to mention rust! Careful control must be used when "coming off " extremely low temperatures to avoid this. 2) The operator thinks it's ''real cool" to open the processor door and watch all the white clouds pour out. Why is this bad? An open door exposes what is supposed to be a very cold, dry atmosphere inside the processor, to moisture and heat. One of the biggest challenges interfering with an effective deep cryogenic treatment (aside from lack of knowledge), is the ability to overwhelm the heat that is continuously entering every style of processor, and to descend in a controlled way to a temperature low enough to effect a successful "cold phase change'' (near -320F). This is difficult enough to control if all the doors are kept closed, and everything inside is "submerged" in liquid nitrogen. This cannot be over emphasized; Unless all the components of a cryogenic firearms treatment, cryogenic engine treatment, or cryogenic ammunition, etc. are submerged in liquid nitrogen, it is impossible to get them cold enough to effect a successful "cold phase change", period! Interestingly, the gas temperature zone measured just (12 inches) above the liquid nitrogen level, (assuming there is any) will typically be (40-60F) higher than that of the liquid. Even cryo processors with the best insulation, the temperature measured near the inside top of that processor will be (150F) or more, greater than that of the liquid nitrogen (-320F) at the bottom! 3) The procedure which really distinguishes our cryogenic process; The propriety decent, and assent temperature rate schedules employed by CSF, LLC are controlled exclusively through the use of electronic probes placed at/near the core of all "heavy" components, i.e.:(engine block, crankshaft, cylinder heads, etc.). These components themselves become the temperature sensors for the system computer to administer our infinitely variable, proprietary cryogenic processes tailored for each specific application, as well as environmental factors. Every other cryogenic processing service provider that we know of, uses one of (4-6) pre-programed, "generic" programs, based on weight, provided by the equipment manufacturer, monitored with a single "lame" sensor probe located at the corner of the processor. This will always result in a "low grade" process, and a complete waste of money! Very few cryogenic processing companies will take into account these important factors, and they will always attempt to "do it on the cheap"! This is an example of the world class CSF, LLC Cryogenic Treatment Process you may expect.

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When you hire CSF, LLC for REM™ ISF™ Super finishing, or Micro-polishing services, the process will automatically begin with our (patent pending) Direct Contact Cryogenic processing service. This is an essential step which prepares the metal for a more uniform refinement, or polishing. At this point we begin with our fastidious pre-treatment preparation process. 1) An in-depth consultation with the customer to gain a understanding of the intended build and lubrication strategy, as well as the overall objectives for the project. We will become aware of the customers specifications for all critical tolerances. We then design and fabricate a masking system that will protect, as well as polish all clearance areas. We do not allow any indiscriminate material removal! 2) All components will be de-burred, profiled and streamlined by hand, and all natural stressors removed. Any parkerizing, or other surface treatments are first removed to ensure consistent, and uniform refinement. 3) Large, heavy, or delicate pieces (i.e.; crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, ring & pinion) etc. are polished separately inside individual protective compartments. We will do what ever is necessary to prevent colloidal damage. 4) From the beginning of the vibratory process all components are continuously monitored. Bearing journal surfaces and other critical areas are inspected throughout the super finishing cycle in order to determine when masking is added or removed. The customer needs to be very careful to avoid other organizations who offer to sell these micro-polishing or cryogenic services. They certainly will not be specialized in race engine optimization and design, nor will they employ our expertise with regard to fluid dynamics, lubrication engineering technology, or dedication to detail. We have decades of advanced engine / power train building experience, which enables CSF, LLC to provide these unique services in the form of unmatched quality and precision. We just take the REM™ super finish treatment, and deep cryogenic processing services more seriously than anyone else!

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