Direct Contact Cryogenic Processing Services

Yamaha R1 1000 cc Motorcycle Engine, Complete Assembly Submerged in Liquid Nitrogen (-320° F)

CSF, LLC. REM-ISF™ Superfinishing Process

2 Speed Power Glide Automatic Transmission Planetary Gear Set

CSF, LLC. REM-ISF™ Superfinishing Process

REM-ISF™ Virbratory Processing Machine

The Process

CSF, LLC offers two highly developed and tightly controlled processes: Proprietary aerospace grade direct contact cryogenic processing (patent pending) and REM™ ISF™ isotropic super finishing, an advanced form of micro polishing. These two technologies, when applied to any given machine assembly, will yield a powerful increase in the heat transfer coefficient of all metal alloys, reduce parasitic drag, decrease wear rate, increase durability, add uniform compressive stress, and vastly improve the harmonic resonance of every component treated.





It is important for the customer to know that CSF, LLC maintains long standing relationships with several well known professional and OEM race team organizations, who routinely win in IRL, NASCAR, Le Mans, AMA Super-Bike, Moto-Cross, and AMA Land Speed. If that weren’t enough, we have vast experience, and design intent knowledge with engines of Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Subaru STI, Mitsubishi EVO, as well as Power Stroke and Cummings diesel engines. We have also had great success cryogenic-ally processing Aero engines, Lycoming, and Pratt & Whitney (IO-360 and R-2800) respectively.



Cryogenic Superfinishing

Proprietary aerospace grade direct contact cryogenic processing


A chemically accelerated vibratory polishing process

Micro Polishing

How does micro polishing reduce friction?

Reduce Friction, Wear, and Tear

How micro-cracks affect the lifetime of your auto parts

Vibration, Noise, and Heat

Vibration causes noise, decreases efficiency, and creates heat

Improve Oil Retention

Random non-uniform lines break up the surface tension of your lubricant

Improved Rate of Heat Transfer

 Increased efficiency in heat exchangers and braking systems

Improved Harmonic Resonance

Mitigate dirty noise within components resulting in reduced parasitic drag and longer component life

Uniform Compressive Stress

Reduce component failure in high stress applications using our direct contact Cryo process

“We take this craft more seriously.”

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